wrkwrkwrk collective ▴ reading group ▴ The Transitioning Body: Reclaiming Narratives

This coming Wednesday, 8th of November I’m going to be leading a reading group where we’ll be discussing:

How can bodies reclaim narratives, while transitioning between states or within a process of transformation? Led by Mariam Kauser.



▴ Arun Kundnani (2015) The Muslims are Coming!: Islamophobia, Extremism and the Domestic War on Terror. London: Verso. pp. 1- 25

▴ Angela Davis (1971/2016) Letters from Soledad to Attica. London: Verso. pp 44-47


▴ Noah Michelson (2014) ‘The Powerful Reason Why This Artist Has Been Saving His Urine For The Last 200 Days’, Huffington Post, 16th Sept 2017.

Sydette Harry (2014) ‘Attacking the stream’, Dissent: A Quarterly of Politics and Culture.


▴ Carrie Mae Weems (1995-6) ‘From here I saw what happened and I cried’ ) 33 toned prints. You can currently see this work in the Tate Modern. Alternatively, there is an online slider at: carriemaeweems.net/galleries/from-here


The reading group is going to be taking place at the University of West London, where I study. If you’d like to attend or find out more do one of the following!

Email: wrkwrkwrkcollective@gmail.com

Or check out our tumblr: wrkcollective.tumblr.com 


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