New plan.

I’m losing the will to live a little.

This whole target of trying to write a post a day is constantly leaving me cranky and moody every night. I will no doubt have to cease with the endless poetry and begin being more productive, particularly in regards to reading and writing things of worth. By which I mean things that are of direct relation to my MA and the whole reason I am in this place, at this time and going through the undecipherable daily dark crap.

I will no doubt touch upon person life stuff, my feelings, artwork and so on, down the line in this blog. But perhaps being a more focused, conscientious adult (though I HATE that term) is what I should devote my time too. It’s a shame because I loved going back to writing in verse, also following such lovely literary talents on WordPress and have them follow me back or like my work was a true highlight to my days! Days spent travelling in this forsaken county, where nothing runs on time or in relation to the population it extracts money from and allegedly serves!

Anyhoo, I will post a synopsis in near future of my first few weeks of life up here in the bitter, cold and harsh terrain of Northern England. For now here’s a quick doodle I did whilst in training (read long powerpoint presentation with ice breaking participation) for my new part-time role, as a customer service rep.



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