I’m in Love with a Liar and a Coward.

I’m in love with a liar & a coward
Who is a perpetual man-baby
carting around a new love-sick puppy

A faker of the highest degree
Pledging innocent ignorance
as he flees
Into their shared lair
with all their cultural cool flair

Her only appeal, to your
incessant search for youthful zeal
is her proximity to the context
in which there’s no precedence
for our fair sex.

She is much sought
though she pledges she knows nought.
You all show far too much knowledge
to feign to play,
fully virginal, unwilling sacristans,
of your electric fonts.

She yearns for you and gives you
the sign that she approves
of your innocent interest
And your eyes alight on that
contest of which she is the only conquest.

You wish to win that unholy war
In a world where its all about score

All I am now is a holy whore
Devoid of any further value
Sat withered and alone,
with weathered skin and bones,
many hollowed holes,
a quietened tongue attached to an eternally fired mind.

(written August 20th/21st 2015 – My re-birth of poetic soul. I think.)


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