#NaBloPoMo #7: Masculinity

For making Saag Paranthas when mum got sectioned,
For letting my small legs dance and showering us with affection,

For the long walks to get us out of the house,
For helping us all get rid of that pesky mouse,

For doing the world of a couple alone,
For keeping everything light and together at home,

For showing no cultural judgment of my mother,
For helping her come back and keep it together,

For the constant cooking and cleaning,
For being okay with your self and other’s jeering,

For living within a culture that is full of two-faced vultures,
For being a man that doesn’t fit on any poster,

A true and masculine man,
Who’s able to use both his hands,
Who was a mother and father,
At times to kids who should have known better,
Who stuck by my mum,
Helped many times to bring her back home,
To fight those inner demons and get normality,
This and much more is why you are all that is masculine to me.


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