Dating sites and religion: A quick night-time thought

Faith-based dating sites, how is gender performed and configured on these sites? Like do women of faith behave a certain way? or men of faith? How are communications and negotiations of faith or any sort of spirituality discussed? Is it even? Frankly?How is religion a central tenet, to what extent is it? Are interfaith dialogues possible, encouraged? Religion too nervy and not boring part of life.. but how do religion specific sites, so those segregated along religious lines, how do they negotiate varying levels of religiosity particularly for women? or “modern” women, meaning women who may not adhere to religious or cultural but a more secular outlook on life, with a faith-based spiritual philosophy also. So those of us negotiating our identities amongst and ever-changing terrain of religious fervour. And what of those of us, who may believe in the “wrong” pairing, ie. Muslim woman & non-muslim man being okay, or Jewish man and non-Jewish woman? Can these discussions take place more freely online, where communication is freer?


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