Late Night MA Woes

Putting the Social ‘Bleaurgh-ness’ out there so it’s not in me mind as I sleep:
So still have the actual proposal bit of my research proposal to do. (1000 words to go!) This is gonna be killer. But heck at least it’ll be very much grounded and God-willing on point in terms of word count and understanding.
Heck they gotta appreciate me making my idea so fecking clear despite battling illness, actual physically dying (ageing), numerous time and people constraints and the fact that my biggest issue is I don’t like to adhere to deconstructionism but want a more interpretative stance to my research and essays.
p.s. I love writing! Words rule. Wish I could do and feel like this allllll the time. It;s so productive and fun listening to your voice as you type.. I should sleep. ‘nite!
p.p.s. My body hate me. Battling some form of 2 month long illness is really starting to take it’s toll. Cannot wait to sort all this out come Tuesday and the week after. Maybe I just need the gym? That’s the cure to everything right??

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