A Pause… Gratitude to the cosmos heals

Getting such a sense of weird deja vu. All about rise of nationalism, Brexit, overwhelming sadness and feeling a bit paralysed as I delve into reading about contemporary climate for my project…
So instead I am going to stop – breathe and do a “What I’m happy/thankful for..”
1- I’m thankful for my faith and belief in a higher power, Allah SWT/God, God-Allah, The Cosmos, Destiny.. label it what you will but even when I feel stuck in a deep well of rust and unhinged limbs I remain humble and keep going. I am thankful for this resolve that comes from a belief in something bigger than myself. My pain is but temporary.
2- My family. Though they are so far from me, physically, mentally and spiritually.. they are close-by me in another great way and I them. Unchosen, yes, but together we are in and will escape this mess. They’ve done and been through stuff that can’t even be vocalised or known.. they are my greatest and most forgotten heroes. They help re-centre me, when I fly off. They got me going on a trajectory to sort this world in some way before I shuffle of it’s coil. They are stronger than even they know and an inspiration to me always.
3- My friends. Loyal, beautiful, honest, open and my mental, spiritual and physical mates through this life. For always giving me unconditional support, their non-judgmental, constructive criticism and giving me a home when I needed it most. Got nothing but love for them.

4- That I can still think, work, play and plan. #”Keep you’re head up.. ” #


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