Quick Note: Today’s Round Up

Today I delved deeper into the link between economy, capitalism and digital platforms considering how individuals or rather the differences between individuals are manifested upon digital platforms.

I read further into Milanovic’s paper on global inequality – in order to ground me in a social policy framework and vantage point. This is because I awoke to the need to really dive deeper into social policy, reform and advancement in the UK context. I wanted to combine and reflect upon this field of inquiry in relation to my own work so that I could combine the economic (or as it turned out the class) barriers that exist so  that I may question why they exist also. I then moved to re-reading Neil Selwy’s work on reconsideration of social policy creation and it’s dichotomous natures. I finish my afternoon reading Jodi Dean’s paper on ‘comunicative Capitalism’. I found the talk and the implications raised by  helped to refocus my work.

I shall provide more in-depth notes (and less banter) tomorrow evening.


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