Master notes. Master codes.

So, I’m finally deleting the space-munchingly huge application that is Zotero. I’ve been using Mendeley for a couple of years now. To be honest, Zotero never did much for me, I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get into it. Anyway, one of the main reason it’s still followed me, like a rarely acknowledged ghost is due to the capsule quality it holds. This is the programme I used in 2015-2016. A tumultuous time. But also, a time of self-realisation, and blind growth, and clumsy progress. But today the year of the Dog, I have begun the actions to uninstall. Starting with exporting those very few (2) files that have been notarised, and the notes I typed in them (an an xml file).


This element of the code, struck a cord:


Lines of code from an .XML file, detailing a quote and some musings on bell hooks' comments on education


NaBloPoMo #23: First Supervisory Meeting – Thesis Time

Instead of thinking about the research questions you construct and want to answer, think about the problem you want to solve. 

This is my take home point regarding my thesis from my first ever Masters supervisor meeting. Exciting times.

It’s been a day of firsts really and I am sure I will delve deeper, in due course. But I thought to keep up my productivity I will post up a list of bullet points from today’s meeting, kind of like a checklist reminder but also added function of tips. I feel really blessed by God today to have a pretty cool supervisor, not least because as soon as I left I met a fellow student who wasn’t all that happy with their lot. Also a great chat on the pitfalls of bad representation in “modern” comedy sitcoms was fun too.

So points to remember

  • Make an Argument
  • Think of the problem you want to solve.
  • If you could ask God one question – What would it be?
    • Why isn’t your Masters/ Thesis / Creative Output / Life a quest to seek this out?
  • Like a film, the key work is in the editing
  • Script the abstract (think ‘pitch’) first before jumping in
  • It goes – Theme or One sentence hook – Pitch – Themes or Key Scenes – Storyboarding – Editing
    • Or in Academia : Problem/Question – Abstract – Topics – Annotated Contents – Editing

Now to jump in, read the texts I’ve been directed towards and think on condensing my thoughts and question to God into one problem, that I must address!

Oh and god willing get that Distinction!