Frankenweenie – Is it worth 3D?

Like many other viewers I was skeptical of Frankenweenie. The already pervading sense of black, white and grey half-tones, told me this was hardly going to be an epic departure from the norm. The fact it was a full length reworking of an old short-film was also another indication.

But I admit I was Pleasantly Surprised!

It was like Burton had returned to an old love, a forgotten craft with new eyes helping the audience to see stop-motion and puppetry with a renewed affection. I really think old masters like Ricard Harryhausen would have been proud.

Gothic and Green like the musical ‘Wicked’

As for whether the or not it needed to be in 3D? Most definitely! Because 3D is fast becoming the dominant mode of cinematography, here is a family friendly movie ready for 3D release onto home cinema production. Also certain scenes, lent themselves so wonderfully especially the panning shots around the suburban town. Whilst I know barely nothing about 3D the shiny cars, tombstones and amazing windmill on the hill were awesome!

So was Martin Landau as this guy!!! :

Creepy but cool huh?

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