Frankenweenie – Is it worth 3D?

Like many other viewers I was skeptical of Frankenweenie. The already pervading sense of black, white and grey half-tones, told me this was hardly going to be an epic departure from the norm. The fact it was a full length reworking of an old short-film was also another indication. But I admit I was Pleasantly [...]


Kick-Ass Two a M*****-F****** Dark Sequel

For those of you who have read the comic, Kick-Ass 2 was always a crazier darker and just plain sordid affair. A notorious gang-rape sequence, decapitation and the saddest animal cruelty depiction I have seen. And now we have a release date of the cinematic experience itself; Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall will be [...]

2012 San Diego Comic Con Releases

Another year, another comic-con. This year’s San Diego offerings have been plentiful. After another successful year for Marvel Studios  with the release of The Avengers lighting the movie and comic world ablaze, all geeks, nerds and fantasy lovers gathered to hear more news, either denouncing or  confirming their little fan-boy/girl dreams... And Marvel’s Kevin Feige [...]