Clarity within Confessional..

..when the New begins to Start.

Quick and shoddy sketch.
Quick and shoddy sketch.

Like this quick sketch, I am trying to empower myself for a better change. I may be inspired and want to reconnect and reinvigorate my creative self for a lasting change and a new [better] future. But I must first realise that I am unrepairable torn for the time-being, like these tights that have gotten more laddered as the day has worn on. Depsite my care, non-use, attention or avoidance, these tights are messing up. But what I cannot do it allow them to ruin my stride.

So I will. Stride that is. However messed up. In whatever guise. Be in in this really weary and bloody crap and dreary prose that my mind seems to be droning on in. I’ll just keep going.
So bear with me.

The dim reality
The dim reality

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