Poem early morning’s prayer, pleas, wants and needs.

This came to me as I lay my head to sleep, around 3am, I’ve tried to keep it as close in structure as when I wrote it.

I miss the sanity and free space we had,
The easy negotiations.
Sharing ourselves so easily it went unseen,
And now we walk in phantom mists like unknowing, slumbering amputees.

Do you still think of the times we had. The snatched walks, the carefree days, listening to Halcyon lyrics of loves better emotives.
Bettering ourselves, furthering our intellect,
Together, in bed, laying side by side, your leg astride mine.
Sharing satisfied smiley sighs.

Or are the waking assunder heart-renching days still afresh?
The separate bedtimes, negotiated access, snatched “me-times”, mistrust, hurt, neglect, over-familiarity, knowing all, being known, escaped selves, lost souls, burnt and crashed creative corpse’s, of me, of you, of us, still there.

Haunting, hanging, probably never to leave, still there?
Its mocking. Shamefully its mocking and I can’t bear this..
Our shared deaths’ a tick, tick, tocking.


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