Flickered and Failing is Your Love’s Flame.

Flickered and Failing is your love's flame. Feigning a true lover's play, Leaving the marks of your stay, Telling me it is worth it more when I crave. That I am best when I am wanton, That true love exists in partings, That I am an over-reacting dreamer. I dream. I scheme. An unfettered virgin, [...]


An Eternal Lover’s Rhetorical Questions:

It's only been a week and I wonder how you sleep, whether it's covered in rays of fluorescent light, lonely like me or within a new lovers huddle? Whose life is enhanced by your insight? Whose creativity is a newly welcomed frivolous flight? Whose lives will be within our muddled history's puddle? Will she be [...]

No contact, No connection.

It's hard to want you, To not seek and search for you, Our interconnectivity makes it hard to break free, Its harder still when I feel I need you, I yearn for your responses and parts, Your wise lines, Your advice. But I'm slowly getting better, Though times make it difficult, To need your advice [...]

Implosion of Love

My love for you rages with the strength of a thousand burning suns. But all suns are acutely aware of their own mortality, life span + The destruction that will ensue in it's wake. Once the universal light switch is flicked off. I always see you in profile many half-faces so many expressions, emotions + [...]

The Slumbering Lover

My love sleeps eternally In another plane it lives, it breathes. How I hope he dreams of he and me. Conscious/Unconscious Free/Unfree Thoughts unthunk.. Forevers unfurled.. Gladness besets me To death we take our leave separately in vow of annual grief Approached in high manners As we took each eve. Friends together forever separately Now [...]

Poem early morning’s prayer, pleas, wants and needs.

This came to me as I lay my head to sleep, around 3am, I've tried to keep it as close in structure as when I wrote it. I miss the sanity and free space we had, The easy negotiations. Sharing ourselves so easily it went unseen, And now we walk in phantom mists like unknowing, [...]