To whomsoever called me ‘Privately’

Whoever called me…Please call me back.
I need someone to talk to,
as I sit here in the dark.

It’s simplistic I know,
My asking for more,
Naively wanting to know thee,
When you cared not an inch to leave caller I.D.

Maybe it wasn’t that you didn’t care that much,
Maybe you forgot you were on a private line?
Maybe you were in a rush,
Maybe you are a sales ambush?

Whatever it is I would still feel compelled to know,
For a woman like me gets crazy thinking things,
Every scenario, every person, even catastrophic ugly scene,
Plays out in my overactive worrisome mind,
Causing me to (almost) call every loved Kin and Kind.

It’s simplistic I know,
This plain furore,
Forward, that’s for sure.

Like my painted mind’s eye,
My rhyming nonsense see’s no end in sight,
You’ll be telling me to “Pipe down love”,
Regretting that you ever rung,
Unsure how anyone could ever get so bogged-down,
so lonely,
so miserably silly,
allowing swirling thoughts to go twisting and twirling,
making it all seem a pathetic life,
surely one must have more of a life,
others must have harder strifes,
I’ll be lonely and no-one will want me…

Wait did I hear the phone ring?


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