Tools of violence

Identity violence Symbolic violence Communication violence Historic violence Revisionist violence Repetitive violence Infantilising violence Nostalgic violence Communication violence Prejudiced violence Tiring violence Destructive violence Sexual violence Gendered violence Religious violence Spiritual violence Class violence Linguistic violence Colourist violence Male violence White male violence Co-opting violence Toxic violence Co-opted toxic violence Ideological violence Paternalistic violence Patriarchal [...]


what of my brother?

What of my Brother? Whose life has moved along many different lines... Whose experiences could use up all of England's inkwells, Whose linguistics could have surpassed even the Bard's lines, What of him the large precariat Lion, strong but inwardly howling.. What now? What of his life? What then? Where should he hide? Why? Whose [...]

#NaBloPoMo #10: Keep Going – What is this? Poetry.

Before I begin, I should clarify the "missed day thing" - not just because I want to be a "good girl" and not loose any points .. but seriously back away from the points. Anyway for as long as I remember I've worked on a biological farmers clock. Maybe it has something to do with [...]

A Morning Vow; Affirming renewal, pondering depths

Virginal and pure I was, Your mirror in an eternal smoke and fog. God I thought has led me there fair, to salvation as best that It could. I married my soul to you since, yearly, monthly, daily I preach, to yours I became. Following persistent, impatient, self-shame. Your steadfast quiet fealty scared me, I [...]

To whomsoever called me ‘Privately’

Whoever called me...Please call me back. I need someone to talk to, as I sit here in the dark. It's simplistic I know, My asking for more, Naively wanting to know thee, When you cared not an inch to leave caller I.D. Maybe it wasn't that you didn't care that much, Maybe you forgot you [...]