A short couplet.

From the moment I was discovering myself, I was uncovering somebody else.

My brother for my other-mother.


Two separate phrases that popped into my head. First one was on Monday 2nd Nov at 11:30pm at night. The second is a phrase that I happily chanted and felt so passionately earlier today at around 12:30pm. 

I wonder if I am more attune to creative endeavours during these mid-day or mid-night occurrences?

I wonder if they mean anything to anyone else? Or if words have lost their meanings? Am I creating anything or worth by posting? I wish I wasn’t so tired that I could post something “more meaningful”. But equally these phrases mean something deep to me. Separately and when joined together, when locate don the same page. I hope I am judged on the lyricism of the words and not for the length, overt simplicity and frankly I don’t know…. But I really needed to post something so I could keep #NaBloPoMo and so that I cold talk to everyone very briefly. 

Hey all!


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