This.. Hurt.. Questions.

Hey, do you hear me?
Do you wish to call?
Do you yearn to hear us speak?
Can I trust you?
Can you believe me?
Can we carry on in reality?
Why can’t we be friends?
Would it be so hard to hang?
Would meeting up be such a drag?

We are divided, yes. More than likely forever.
I am not your lover and I have no hold on you either.
But history will only lose it’s power, if we refuse to be ignorant and cower.

There is no truth in me and you.
It’s muddied and lost,
the soulful spark that was our eternal truth.
But you will forever be a companion ghost,
Closer to me than my own thoughts.

For now our record is stuck.

It simply plays philosophically:

We hurt each other so bad,
and yet we’re not ready to cut the other out.
Am I a parasite or a willingly unwilling host?
Some answers can never be known.


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