#NaBloPoMo #21 – Un-productivity online and real-life distractions

The past two days have seen me increase my visibility on alternative social media outlets, mostly those that allow me to scan through on my phone. Apps like Twitter, Facebook, Insta, Whatsapp and actually POF. Yes I am finally out there a little. Part of the drive to find the whole new me. Even though I am a bit reluctant to jump in feet first, I guess I am enjoying all the smaller things, especially discovering my body confidence and flirtatious side. Also for once doing rather than thinking or writing off reels of useless circling, that only adds to neurotic harmful mindfulness.

However, the darker side has meant I have neglected my posting, for which I am sorry dear readers. Especially those 3-4 loyal visitors – yes I am not ashamed of my painfully small readership, though maybe I should be. I think this will be something I will work on come this week onwards..

Two days ago, I joined the gym and did an amazing set of workouts on the running machine. I was a complete and utter novice, discarding the induction as it would mean delaying use of the gym, and that all-important resolve I had entered the gym with. It was a fun and interesting experience, as I caught a quiet lull on a Thursday afternoon. For one glorious hour I was fantastically confident, even as I button mashed to stop the running machine ever so often, or on the rowing machine, simply rowing against my own towards the 1015m mark! Even when I used the cycling machine, managed to have a drink and talk to an older lady as I went around a virtual 1000m velodrome 6 times!

I cannot wait to go back, perhaps tomorrow. Though I was so shattered I fell asleep for 15 hours that night.  Though tips for anyone equally starting out;

  • Take a lock
  • Definitely take a towel!! Or you will be asked to leave… (I wasn’t because I knew this)
  • Take a water bottle
  • Take headphones, even if you don’t have an ipod or music player, like me.. some of these new fangled machines let you plug into FM radio..
    • Definitely going to remember this, as I work to find a new phone with a better headphone jack!

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