#NaBloPoMo #18: An awakening of sorts

Sometimes I regret this youth’s rude awakening.

I am lost to an unknown world,
banished to roam it alone,
unknowable cannot relate this viewpoint I have,
straddling converging, conflicting thoughts and hopes,
constantly muted by each and every world,
all corners that conflate only in the instances to tell me I am wrong,
perverse, without a worthy soul or worth.
Rejected I lie,
wondering why I was ever,
ever once held in many loving arms?
Why my sensitivity and empathy was nurtured?
so that all I am left with is these deep feels.

I allowed myself to be moved for other’s good,
Hurt, poisoned, burdened and fettered to help other’s progress,
Now I keep trudging this narrow valley filled with darkened shards,
Constantly cut and ripped up,
The dull, whitehot, eternally searing pains feel so light,
Ever present soothed only by blindingly volcanic tears.

This woman is left safe in the knowledge that this soul will forever remain untouched.
Though my life, identity, body and eyes will no doubt keep being dirtied.


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