#NaBloPoMo #28: Excerpts..

Excerpts from last nights trade.. too busy working in the windiest of days in a new library or rather bookish place to edit these.

Apologies for not posting last night. I be still working on my self-portraits for the logo I want to create for self and also playing with how I communicate online.

Meaning by using said dating site from before, I have now moved into different sites of networked knowledges. It is all very fun and interesting. I am unsure how to take it, but it is all a very affective yet equally political experience. As I question identity, formation and projection of identities couple intrinsically with desire.

So here are a few excerpts from some chats. I will only post what I have written, as I want to respect the ethics and know I do not have permission for other’s items or texts to be projecting out into the cybersphere. Though I guess ownership of my responses could also be called into question, if I answer to a question asked or comment on a titbit of information given when does an individual response become part of a collective dialogue with equal ownership? Or is this just me being silly and a bit pedantic?


In response to a dialogue touching on art, talks of meeting up.. short (6 – 10 min) lapses between our responses, very interesting, intriguing person. Do really feel some sort of desire or pull to meet.. often ends with ‘x’ wonder if it is muscle memory or done knowingly?

Oh sorry if that sounded a little condescending, didn’t mean it to be. Sometimes I go on a written roll.
Wow Oils, you must be a brave and confident creative then? Lol, theP section is well and truly covered there, I can’t say I became overly familiar with Pissaro or much of Pollock to be honest. But I do love Picasso, well his innovative threads and pushing boundaries more so the multi-million reproductions that everyone has up everywhere.
Aww that sounds sad, I feel like I’m made you a little ‘meh’, feel bad now.. but as you broached the subject, how long is a while in your case?
Figurative paintings, drawings and prints.. mixed materials but mostly having fun with acrylics, charcoal and just drawing and mark-making. The cheap and fun stuff really. Still have huge bags of materials and try to draw when I can. Been spending all eve doing self-portraits as a logo/card-design..
Ooh that’s a tough question. Maybe we can pick up on it in person?>

Another response

Yeah, I would say it’s a curse of being British, but I think it’s just who I am. I am prone to cheeky little outbursts and jokes no-one gets. Plus as an ‘equality warrior’, I definitely don’t want to offend anyone!
I’ve only done like 3 canvases in Oils.. I did love how slow you could be. Playing with the layering. I’ve always meant to look into colour theory again, but it just sits in my brain in some rudimentary form and I think I just get by with that. What kind of subjects do you paint? Or is it more abstract? Cool, thanks for letting me know. Curiosity is abated, by the way you don’t have to answer all my questions, I do sometimes ask too many..
Thanks.. I think creativity sits somewhere in everythings that gets done or that I do.. so for now I’m okay with taking it a little slow getting back to drawing differently and better. Depends on the premise by the way, are pictograms counted as writing?

response to whether I am a feminist:

Oh a bit of semiotics I like! Haha why would that be a bad thing?! x

An hour later.. no reply..so I say: 

But no not a vegan, but yes a feminist (no don’t hate men am not a Radical Feminist wave) and define political please?

Fell asleep.. or rather got into a very interesting conversation on Whatsapp. 

Sorry had to catch some zzz’s not prepared for the day 😦

ooh ‘war on policy’ that’s a cut phrase. So you’ve come across a lot of a certain kind of feminist then? I think you’ll have to see me to know what kind of feminist I am 😉

Though I must say I’m all for diversity, liberalism and just good old humanity and kindness above all. Of course I am, like and have to be a feminist, because that’s my standpoint, also when there are a lot of things that I see immediately wrong happening around me – I mean equal wages for one especially for single parent families. But I would never tell someone they’re wrong! Every viewpoint had to be heard, but I would very likely challenge you if I saw something wrong or flawed in the argument your making.

A follow up barely a few minutes in between, feel a little affronted tbh, not sure how I feel about “political” or “politics” being seen as apart from life. Especially from a creative artist sort of person.. I do know how to pick them always don’t I? Jeez

Gosh that sounds a bit political doesn’t it?!
But yes I think I am very politically atuned. I don’t expect everyone to be, lots of my best friends and social circle aren’t and that’s fine- their choice. It doesn’t affect me and I don’t affect theirs. People can be friends across imaginary ideological divides.. it’s all just about making the most about what you do like, sharing that and having fun when you can .. I think 🙂 x

No idea where I go from here… but it’s fun being back to playing. 


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