Sunday will be the day of new starts. I will post-up a new idea, either from my sketchbook or notebook for a new project that I hope to work on in the up-coming week or near future. Though I will it to be the week coming, rather than some imagined future day that never seems [...]


#NaBloPoMo #28: Excerpts..

Excerpts from last nights trade.. too busy working in the windiest of days in a new library or rather bookish place to edit these. Apologies for not posting last night. I be still working on my self-portraits for the logo I want to create for self and also playing with how I communicate online. https://twitter.com/M_Kauser/status/670735427159113728 [...]

#NaBloPoMo #17.5: Architectural Perspective, Artistic Mark-making (The Beginning)

#1: I created a red (#ff0000) outline of the building and blocked out the sky and ground details with a pale yellow (#ffffbe) Anyone that knows me and my creative eye, or has found or followed my works online, would know that I have an eye for architecture, perspective and capturing strong atmospheric compositions. They [...]

#NaBloPoMo #17 – Life is short but inspiring marks last forever

Today has been a stormy day. The hurricane level winds blow outside, penetrating through brick. I've visited a hospital unexpectedly due to a loved one. Nothing serious. Now, I near the end of this day feeling like I haven't achieved much. My voice still lies stifled within me somewhere. Though my mind is racing - [...]