Love stories

Oh! To get lost in others' stories again, of love and loss constantly reimagined, reasons to feel, empathy to seep, Through to my very bones, As I pictures me in that love, that Home, tears flutter under these external shutters, layered over a simmering flame, that only finds written reasons to feel again, weeping inconsolably, [...]


post poetry to finish.

A broken siren, devoid of any call, cast adrift traversing land unseen. My Poseidon, my hope. Won't you cast me a rope? Some marks, some letters, some speck of honeyed ambrosia. Must glass needles sheer me from below and inside? A siren I unseen, ugly in my self-imposed calamity, you stride armed trident, the seven [...]

An Open Letter to Naz Shah

Dear Naz Shah, I don't know you, but I'm glad you have won. You have risen up through the sexist, derogatory campaign ran by many, to be democratically elected in Bradford. In doing so, you have given me renewed hope for a better Bradford. A Bradford built on free discourse and open to all. Regardless [...]