A Gentle Lingering

A Gentle Lingering Your gentle words make me cry, But there's no-one here to dry these eyes, Your gentle hands type their byes, But aren't here to quieten my sighs. Your gentle words make me cry, But your not here to dry my eyes. You didn't have to be a mess, I didn't have to [...]

Implosion of Love

My love for you rages with the strength of a thousand burning suns. But all suns are acutely aware of their own mortality, life span + The destruction that will ensue in it's wake. Once the universal light switch is flicked off. I always see you in profile many half-faces so many expressions, emotions + [...]

Days Drag On… What do I find on my phone?

Crazy long day - feel dead and drained and I'm in no way prepared for the mess that will be tomorrow. MA class (not done my reading!) then shifts in another store, as part of my new job! The need to keep balancing between love of learning and money to keep learning, is a hard [...]