Year 2021.. Or so it begins

-scene- Year 2021 The world is a different place. A place of Cultural creators. Cultural tasters. Cultural dictators. Where it is your link to belief that assigns where you reside. Where birth-right is the only thing that is certain and right. No more mobility. No more integrating. No trust. No hope. In short the world [...]

Deadlines, Deadline, Deadlines, 

Deadlines, Deadline, Deadlines, Strange how time flies, Hours, Minutes, seconds, Time cries, When you don't rely on love. Their affection is not present, Slow searches A manifestation of electronic desperation Lone in hate, pain and fear itself Slowing your mind, wounding your slice of life Those happy times refuse to be rewound, In your mind's [...]

A lived personal “truth” on mental health and healing.

Emotions that rollercoaster severely often lead those of us between 15- 32 to widely speculate that we are flawed, mentally unstable, unfixable and an absolute failure. From experience, this is what "growing-up" is like for many of us today. As someone with a family of mental health issues I know this burden more than most. Coupled [...]