Tools of violence

Identity violence Symbolic violence Communication violence Historic violence Revisionist violence Repetitive violence Infantilising violence Nostalgic violence Communication violence Prejudiced violence Tiring violence Destructive violence Sexual violence Gendered violence Religious violence Spiritual violence Class violence Linguistic violence Colourist violence Male violence White male violence Co-opting violence Toxic violence Co-opted toxic violence Ideological violence Paternalistic violence Patriarchal [...]


Let’s keep playing..

Longing and regrets, intermingled with love and trust, that Hope, that Touch, just you, just me, playing at Us, Why do games end? On whose score do we depend? Fickleness is staying to speed, Allowing the screen to freeze, Afraid of testing our frailties, Surely bravery is in accomplishing all feats. Learning to trust instinct, [...]

My Mourning Period. My self-imposed fate.

I have 40 days grace to mourn the hands of fate, But did it begin when last I heard your sweet nectared voice refuse to sing? Or when your strong and loving hands typed such embittered short goodbyes? Or further still does it begin when last I held and kissed your face? Though in this [...]

Unholy War. Float Away. Reconsider. Realise. Goodbye.

Some unholy war lyrics in my head It all floats away like blossom in water Like blossom in spring It all floats away Disintegrates Like the eyes of field mice Your stares cut me to ice [Yours glitter like snow crystals Full of the same filled promises that lay unfilled in my sink of dirty [...]

A lived personal “truth” on mental health and healing.

Emotions that rollercoaster severely often lead those of us between 15- 32 to widely speculate that we are flawed, mentally unstable, unfixable and an absolute failure. From experience, this is what "growing-up" is like for many of us today. As someone with a family of mental health issues I know this burden more than most. Coupled [...]

An Eternal Lover’s Rhetorical Questions:

It's only been a week and I wonder how you sleep, whether it's covered in rays of fluorescent light, lonely like me or within a new lovers huddle? Whose life is enhanced by your insight? Whose creativity is a newly welcomed frivolous flight? Whose lives will be within our muddled history's puddle? Will she be [...]

I am a woman. You are bright.

There's nothing worse than realising you were the lone creator of shared memories. Left with a box of fucked up, rotten, festering dreams as your chosen partner turns and flees. I am a woman. You are bright. I am attracted to your flame, Like a dampened moth I search Through dark duskened daily revolving nights. [...]

No contact, No connection.

It's hard to want you, To not seek and search for you, Our interconnectivity makes it hard to break free, Its harder still when I feel I need you, I yearn for your responses and parts, Your wise lines, Your advice. But I'm slowly getting better, Though times make it difficult, To need your advice [...]