2012 San Diego Comic Con Releases

Another year, another comic-con. This year’s San Diego offerings have been plentiful. After another successful year for Marvel Studios  with the release of The Avengers lighting the movie and comic world ablaze, all geeks, nerds and fantasy lovers gathered to hear more news, either denouncing or  confirming their little fan-boy/girl dreams…

And Marvel’s Kevin Feige did not disappoint.

When questioned about Iron Patriot rumors, Feige said “The not fun thing is that it’s online and you don’t really have any control over that kind of thing anymore. The fun thing is–the reason it was online is because it’s a real practical suit that was on the set and somebody took a picture of it. It’s an actual, awesomely-designed suit that Mr. Cheadle does get to wear at certain points in the movie.”

Iron Man 3 now has a release date of May 3rd 2013, which was leaked and up on the Marvel Website already. Be sure to enter into your diaries just as quick.

If only I had been at the Hall H panel, because not only was there showing of test footage for Edgar Wright’s up-coming “Ant-Man” for the first time, the lucky attendees of San Diego were also gifted with concept art for newly announced “Guardians of Galaxy” by Charlie Wen (see below).

As of yet Ant-Man’s schedule is only available by Twitter slip-ups by one Mr. Simon Pegg, who tweeted recently that “#busyboy Mr. Edgar Wright” will be starting production. This ties is with a rumoured 2014 release, whether this means an inclusion into the next Avengers Movie only the execs can decide.

BUT most importantly the audience seemed to have been geek slapped by one release date after another, so in chronological order here are Marvel’s top releases to look forward to:

  1. Iron Man 3: May 3rd 2013
  2. Thor: The Dark World: November 8th 2013
  3. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: April 4th 2014.
  4. Guardian of the Galaxy: August 1st 2014.
  5. Ant-Man: To be filmed in 2013 and released, presumably, some time in 2014.
Quite the packed schedule.

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