Titanic Mistake; Art and Seduction equals epic Fail.

A list of rules:

How to seduce a girl.. like in the movies..

1- Smile

2- Talk in a soft husky voice

3-  BE CLEAR of YOUR INTENTIONS! (Especially when recreating a famous scene, say the one in Titantic where he draws her naked)


4- Never try it on with a colleague.  (lest you get shot down, are laughed out of a job or worst case scenario face criminal proceedings. Like this guy:

Mr Edflar Mendes. Copyright: see bottom left.

This is Edflar Mendes.

Before I continue I must say that a trial is still underway so the following is what is alleged to take place.

Yep, you guessed it.. she’s an aspiring model. Or perhaps is one. She’s a bit shady if you want my opinion.

The co-workers having finished a shift in a London nightclub, walked to a bus-stop where the artist Mr. Mendes happened to mention his artwork. Typical flirtatious convo ensued or continued who knows.. leading to Ms Beata Lipska to follow him to his flat (right by the bus-stop) where he was to draw her.

Once within the flat Mr. Mendes is said to have told Ms Lipska that she was his ‘muse’ and threatened to keep her “so he could draw her for ever” the London Crown Court were told.

Whilst he maintains there was no mention of Titanic, Lipska told the courts that he said it would be like that famous scene where you see the sensuality of a young Kate Winslet.

Oh woe how easily some are led huh?

So hot, we all wanted to be there…

The trial still continues and Mr Edflar Mendes denies the charges of common assault and false imprisonment.

The part that makes me think –what the hell?! –is the end of this statement by Ms. Beata Lipska;

“He said he really wanted my opinion on his work and he really wanted me to see his art. There was no pressure, he was very friendly, he just invited me to see his work. When we were up there he started talking about trying to draw me. I meant he could make a picture of me from a photo, and sometime in the future. I started showing him photos and he offered to do a preliminary sketch. Eddy asked me to move on to the bed because it was easier for him to use his pallet and brushes. I wasn’t posing though

Seriously so you allow someone to persuade you to sit upon their bed whilst he is continually talking about drawing you. And that when things go crazy enough for you to be “pinned and fighting for your life”?

Don’t get me wrong as a woman and an artist (albeit it in a past tense) I am against violence and threats against women and the sullying of art forms. especially genres that get a bad rep like nude portraits. But an eegit would know when things don’t add up..

On a personal note I once got asked by a co-student to pose, he wouldn’t shut up about titanic either and about nude portraiture. I declined. I told him in certain terms what I thought about his intentions. How he was creepy and weird, and I was getting dodgy vibes from him. And the end of my little story? No court proceedings, no feelings of assault or abuse, no.He was severely chastened by my comments, shut up like a clam but now we’re good friends.

As a wise woman once told me “you’re only a victim if you show the world you are”.

P.s. Oh and it still gets me: Kate Winselt so could’ve made room for Leo!


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