Wicked: The Musical

Although in the end we didn’t get the full day of hanging around the Victoria area of London due to other commitment, the musical itself was a masterpiece of emotional involvement.

The only photograph I had time to take.
The only photograph I had time to take.

Having heard lots of opinions and thoughts about this piece of modern theatre, I tried to walk in with no prior expectations. Greatest surprise was not knowing that Will from Busted was the Prince (I may have excitedly whispered this to my boyfriend, Kevin), but other than that it felt like a nice fluff piece. Actually no there is a greater surprise but that would be revealing the plot, so get down to seeing it.

I would say that seating is great if you are not sat directly behind a large fidgeting couple. Also, unless you go to a late show, where lots of drink and excitement are involved you don’t get quite the same buzz as you do in order smaller or less-known shows. I went to the 7.30pm show, but perhaps being Tuesday I wasn’t surrounded by the school children and weekend tourists who were fanatical about the songs, production and would help create a atmosphere.

But the set was FANTASTICAL. Every inch of the stage and rigging was used to help unite the astronomical story to the limited space available. It really felt like a cinematic sequel to The Wizard of Oz just on a stage and more interact-able or rather a true 5D experience.

Next Month: Twelfth Night: Or What You Will, by Shakespeare. 😀


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