Waterloo: Knowing my Fate is to be with You…

Waterloo, London on a crisp Winter's morning, is it winter yet? If it is the last day of sunshine I am sure of it. As my photojournalism module kicks off the enthusiasm for the visual side of life has seeped back, finally! It's been two years of living in London and turning me back on [...]



Imagine a collection of densely pack streets, full of warm, friendly people, neon signs, gay sights and enticing smells and you have started to get a small inkling of what it means to find yourself In Soho. In my present state I can't really explain the excitement of  treading those semi-cobbled pathways. But I do [...]

LIAF (London International Animation Festival); Barbican Gallery, London

Can Animation Ever be of Social, Cultural and Historical Importance? Sounds a bit like a dissertation, huh? As many of you who have clicked this are probably already BIG fans of animation there is one sentence that constantly recurs "Animation?What cartoons?? Aren't those for kids?" What if Animation was to be placed in a different [...]