Twelfth Night

Having always wanted to see a Shakespeare Production at The Globe theatre, I was a bit disheartened by this production at a small theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. However as with all my pre-conceptions I should not have wasted an ounce of worry.

The Banner courtesy of the Apollo Theatre.

Not only was Stephen Fry playing a whimsical Malvolio, with his luxurious voice and handsome stage presence, but Mark Rylance was the undoubted star of this piece,
The renowned actor, theatre director and playwright graced the stage with his presence in this limited run, with his comedic turn as Olivia. Even Kevin (the boyfriend) who I was worried would hate the show was watching the production with a beaming smile throughout the long 4 hours.

We decided prior to the show to not opt for the stage seats, put on the stage to provide a more authentic experience and how I regretted that! But none-the-less even up the circle sandwich between a so-so couple and a very “hoity-toity” one we had much fun on the last performance before Christmas. The live Elizabethan band serenaded the seasonal spirit into us, helping my first ever christmas spent with my boyfriend to feel like warm milk after honey. Pure Bliss.

My Darling Kevin next to the National Darling that is Stephen Fry
Outside the Apollo Theatre showing Mark Rylance as Olivia


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