Implosion of Love

My love for you rages with the strength
of a thousand burning suns.

But all suns are acutely aware of
their own mortality, life span +
The destruction that will ensue
in it’s wake.

Once the universal light switch is flicked off.

I always see you in profile
many half-faces
so many expressions, emotions +
An ever-changing constant.

Though we’ve expanded,
deeper as universal seekers.
Shining deep voyager rays
under the very fabric of our beings.
into the micro-molecule of each other’s emotives.

Though our Cartesian civilisation has evolved,
Our interests and intellects pursuing opposite walls,
Atlantan in our hopes and feats,
Toiling to keep our house in top-peak.
We’ve gotten cultured,
your face fuller, your M higher,
my brooding breasts and belly broader,
Has mono-culture watered our heat?
Have we risked our getting closer?
Must our hearts burn now, as strangers?


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