#NaBloPoMo #17.5: Architectural Perspective, Artistic Mark-making (The Beginning)

02_Layer_Colour Backing

#1: I created a red (#ff0000) outline of the building and blocked out the sky and ground details with a pale yellow (#ffffbe)

Anyone that knows me and my creative eye, or has found or followed my works online, would know that I have an eye for architecture, perspective and capturing strong atmospheric compositions. They would also know that I becoming a whingeing pain when trying to recreate them by hand, on paper, the true pure way as I like to think.

This time I attempt to move to digital reworking and creation. Not for material reasons, but time. I want to learn to work at speed. To be less paralysed with decision making. To make mistakes and not feel like it’s ruined everything.

I first created a sketchy outline. To carve out the sharp lines, but also soften their existence. Though this building encapsulates strength and paternal support, I wanted some sketchiness in there, metaphorically speaking. The pale yellow was then brushed in using a larger brush applied using the pressure tool for the Bamboo tablet pen. This was done to add a little radiance and murky innocence to the piece.

If anything reflecting on my very quick (10 minutes or so) creative decisions reminds me so much of how my mind reaches the zones converging emotional connection and practical resolutions while I play with freedom felt during creative mark-making sessions.


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