Waterloo: Knowing my Fate is to be with You…

Waterloo, London on a crisp Winter's morning, is it winter yet? If it is the last day of sunshine I am sure of it. As my photojournalism module kicks off the enthusiasm for the visual side of life has seeped back, finally! It's been two years of living in London and turning me back on [...]


MDX LGBT Society Talk About their Film Awareness Video

Sometimes the best events come from the simplest of ideas. Ahead of the North London Literary festival, Middlesex students are hard at work at many creative endeavours.  Though we hunger for news on the highly anticipated app, other creative committees and students are conducting their events earlier in more public forums.  On the 1st of [...]

Review: Born into Brothels; Calcutta’s Red Light Kids.

If you are ever stuck for inspiration, feeling low and generally think "Life isn't faiiir - Wahhh" (in the whingiest voice ever) then this documentary is for you. I mean we've all been there, right? You're feeling T-E-R-R-A-BAD.. and you know nothing is going to cheer you up. But my friends this is not the [...]