NaBloPoMo #11: An Unconventional Love Story – Part II (working title)

I am Ayesha. I am a Muslim and I am going to blow this stinking joint wide open.  To use an old turn of phrase, that no kid these days would even know of. Mind you they don't know crap these days. Not my name, not my background. Not even Muslim. No spirituality. All festering, [...]


An Unconventional Love Story – Part I (working title)

argh! fuck fuck fuck, what the hell? What's happening? I think I'm going to be sick. I feel like I'm in a dream, but I know I'm not. Huh. So he came. I guess curiosity will kill this cat - Zack. She's there. I was right. Hunch paid off. Cool, cool, cool.............. She's still so [...]